Physiotherapy & Exercise Saved my Life

Physiotherapy & Exercise Saved my Life

Physiotherapy is the treatment of injury, disease and disorders through physical methods — such as exercise, massage, manipulation, and other treatments, over medication and surgery. 

I do believe, physiotherapy is very important as I have used it in different occasions in my life. In contrast to theoretical views, I can offer real life evidence with my testimonial because of my life long health issues I have dealt with.

Many people may be of the opinion that physiotherapists mainly work with sports related injuries, but they would be very mistaken. Physiotherapists are highly trained health professionals who provide treatment for people suffering from physical problems arising from injury, disease, illness and ageing. Their aim is to improve a person’s quality of life by using a variety of treatments to alleviate pain and restore function or, in the case of permanent injury or disease, to lessen the effects of any dysfunction.

I believe in real stories as they touch other people’s hearts and resonate with them much easier. So furthermore I will give my story about how physiotherapy helped me in my life.

My Story

That is how it was, my life long health issue started since I was only 16 when I was diagnosed with meningitis. Then when I was 17 I started suffering from rheumatism, and later on in my life I was diagnosed with periodic rheumatoid arthritis, which is very rear condition. In 1984 I was hospitalized for 4 months which was one of the turning points in my life. Eventually I was told that this condition will stay with me for rest of my life, and that was true. Then only when I thought I had managed to overcome that issue with my perseverance and following a hard routine of exercise and physiotherapy I had another problem. At the age of 33 I was told that I have a big problem with my heart and I need to have an operation immediately. So I had an open heart surgery for valve replacement. Fortunately I was lucky to have live tissue replacement, which made it possible to have a normal life. The disadvantage though was that I had 3 times up to now a valve replacement and open heart surgery to replace the worn previous one. All these issues in my life are proof of how you can use exercise and physiotherapy as the cure for any illness or condition in your life, even if you are an odd case like me.

So, I do believe the exercise and physiotherapy are a cure for all illnesses and also give us a good reason to fight life’s unexpected life surprises.

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Author of the article: Yosef Yekta

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