Startup Stories: PumaPay – Cryptocurrency Payment and Billing Solution

Startup Stories: PumaPay - Cryptocurrency Payment and Billing Solution
PumaPay – Reinventing everyday payments.

The crypto-currency’s economy is sizzling, but it’s failing to provide a commercial use. Imagine a world where business transactions are free of commissions. Where the level of trust between vendors and customers rises. Imagine a world where merchants can get access to the massive amounts of crypto money out there and where everyone could realize their crypto currency in everyday use. Now stop imagining. Introducing PumaPay pull protocol.

PumaPay’s mission is to disrupt the payment industry by creating a next generation payment system.


PumaPay is the first comprehensive block chain based billing protocol. Using pull payment’s smart contracts their billing protocol overcomes the limitations of bitcoin, litecoin, and other crypto currencies and makes block chain billing easily accessible for all online and offline markets. PumaPay pull contracts allow businesses the flexibility to choose any kind of billing mechanism. Customers will preauthorize and set withdraw limits to selected businesses and approve electronic withdrawals from their crypto wallets. Combining the best of traditional payment methods with the benefits of block chain based solutions. Their protocols deliver enormous advantages for businesses decentralizing the entire billing layer, cutting processing costs and saving billions of dollars a year. PumaPay channels crypto money to merchants and enables individuals to use crypto currencies in purchasing everyday products and services. All these uses will be made possible using the PMA token.

As Yoav Dror, PumaPay’s CEO states, “The world is in need of a disruptive and revolutionary payment solution. PumaPay’s payment system delivers exactly that”.


PumaPay Features:


Ease of use

Our managed payment service makes it easier for businesses to integrate.



Continue using familiar payment scenarios like credit cards.



Blockchain’s innovative use of mathematical and cryptographic rules gives you the highest level of security.



PumaPay leverages the innovation and potential of blockchain technology to boost its usability and enable unparalleled convenience.


PumaPay Facts

Private sale concluded on: May 7, 2018


Amount raised: $117, 019, 041 (7th largest ICO according to CryptoCompare).


PMA Tokens generated: 78, 042, 956, 829


Find out more about PumaPay here.

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