30-Day Abs Challenge

30-Day Abs Challenge

Abs are the summer muscles, and since summer is already here, you need a good program to help you with your beach body. That’s why we prepared the 30-Day Abs Challenge, to give you a fun and playful way to get in shape, while also challenging your fitness level!

In general, abs exercises are perfect for building ab muscles. According to studies ab exercises tend to increase the strength and endurance of the ab muscles.  To get abs and reduce abdominal fat you will also need a proper caloric intake. 

30-Day Abs Challenge

The program

It all starts off on day 1, but by day 30 you will feel that you already know how to practice like an abs expert! That’s why Startupark Games created a 30-day abs challenge calendar to follow each day’s 4 different type of exercises and see if you can complete them. 

Think you can beat the challenge?

Join Limassol’s abs and pull ups challenge on 15th – 30th of June and compete against your friends to see who can do the most, while also keeping a record of how many reps you do over how many days.

Stay tuned for dates and other challenges!

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