30 Day Running Challenge

30 Day Running Challenge

Summertime is a perfect time to go out for running, but the really hot temperatures can be a real challenge. You may feel like quitting, but don’t forget about the benefits as well.

Here is a 30-day running challenge, which includes advanced runs as well, and tests your limits and willpower, and at the same time increases your speed and stamina. After the challenge is completed you should be able to run faster than ever before!

Also don’t forget to join us for the running and sprinting challenge in Paphos in July.  

Pro tip: 2 hours before each workout have a small snack like a fitness bar or fruit and make sure you drink plenty of water.

Week One

Day 1: 10 min walk warm up, 1 min jog followed by 2 min walking for recovery.


Day 2: Cross-train or rest


Day 3: Repeat Workout Day 1


Day 4: Cross-train or rest


Day 5: After a warm-up, complete 7 to 8 cycles of one minute to 90 seconds jogs and one-minute walking breaks.


Day 6 & 7: Take these 2 days off to help your body recover.

30 Day Running Challenge

Week Two

This week it should be easier for you, so if you feel like increasing the time spent for running and decrease the time you recover go for it. If not, repeat week one. Also pay attention to your breathing rhythm. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to have a chat while jogging.

Day 8: After a warm-up, perform 6 to 8 cycles of two-minute jogs, and 30-second breaks.


Day 9: Cross train


Day 10: Repeat Day 8 Workout


Day 11: Cross Train


Day 12: After a warm-up, perform 6 cycles of 3 minutes jogging, followed by 30-second of walking


Day 13 & 14: Rest days

Week Three

..And we are halfway to the final goal. Week three is going to be the hardest but your body will start to feel stronger. Stick with the workout and try to achieve your goals in this week too!

Tip: Try to keep your body relaxed – especially the fists, neck, and face, and run as tall as you can by keeping your back straight.


Day 15:  Warm up, 4 min run, 1 min recover, then run for five minutes, 1 min recover, 6 min run, and finish off your workout with a 10-minute walk as a cool down.


Day 16: Cross Train


Day 17: 10-minute walk warm-up, 5 min run, recover for 30 seconds, run for six minutes, recovery for one minute, then run for seven minutes, and finish off your workout with a 10-minute walk.


Day 18: Cross train.


Day 19: Warm-up, 6 min run, 1 min recover, 7 min run, 1 min recover, then run for eight minutes, and finish off your workout with a 10-minute walk to cool down.


Days 20 & 21: Rest

Week Four

The final week of the 30-day challenge is here. If you feel you are doing too much for this week keep in mind that you can always repeat week 2 or 3.

Tip: If you have any pains or aches, it might mean that you are pushing too hard. In those cases, it’s better to give your body the time it needs to recover so you can keep improving without any injuries. If you feel that you need a day to rest you can always go for a 30 min walking session instead of keeping your body inactive.

Day 22:  Warm-up, 8 min run, 1 min rest, 7 min run, 1 min rest, then run for six minutes, and finish off with a cool down.


Day 23: Cross Train


Day 24:  Warm-up,10-minute run, recover for one minute, 8 min run, recover for one, 6 min run. Finish off with a cool down.


Day 25: Cross Train


Day 26: 12 min run, 1 min recover, 10 min run, 1 min recover, then run for 8 minutes, and finish off with a cool down.


Days 27 & 28 and 29: Rest


Think you can beat this? Join the running Challenge in Paphos in July. Stay tuned for dates and other challenges!

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