Challenge Everything: *NEW Personal Sports Fitness in Cyprus

Challenge Everything: *NEW Personal Sports Fitness in Cyprus

Whether you are navigating the sweaty jungle that is a gym, getting up early to go on a run in the rain or trying to get to the end of a spinning class alive, fitness isn’t typically associated with fun. Fitness is something that we can do as a challenge together.

Do you love the thrill of team spirit and fun runs across obstacles?

Below you can read some of the most breathtaking challenges in the world and the Startupark Personal Sports Challenge for this summer – 2019!

Tough Mudder

Let’s first take a look at arguably the largest event in the world – Tough Mudder…

“Tough Mudder is probably the toughest event on the planet “

Participants face some of the toughest challenges ever made that test both mental and physical strength. The first challenge was held in the US in 2010. More than 3 million people participated in the events by 2016. Tough Mudder also employs 150 people worldwide.

Some of their famous event types is the classic course which is 8-10 miles long and features 25 obstacles. Some of them are:

The arctic enema where participants have to swim into a dumpster filled with ice water, dunk underneath a plank that crosses the dumpster, and pull themselves out on the other side.

Electroshock therapy where participants have to cross a field of mud with hang live wires.

Funky monkey. It’s a set of bars covered with a mixture of butter and mud over a pit of cold water.

And the Everest where participants run up a quarter pipe covered with mud and grease.

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Legion run

Legion run is a once in a lifetime experience. It has been organized more than 40 events in France, Poland, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus among other countries.  Legion run is a 5 km team run and it has 20 + obstacles including mud, fire, ice, and barbed wires. Other popular events are aqueduct, colosseum, barbarian, gladiator, hadrian, oculus, tartarus

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Dorians Challenge

Dorians challenge ranges from a short course of 200 meters long to a 5km run. 30-1000 people can attend the challenge. Each course is suitable to each participant’s abilities according to their preferred level of difficulty. The event can be held next to the beach, in the sea, or in general, outdoors. It includes lots of activities that include climbing walls, inflatable obstacles and mind games. Dorians challenge is meant to build team collaboration and communication.

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Next up, are some Challenges organised by StartupArk Games locally, in the island of Cyprus.

Startupark Personal Sports Challenge  01 JUN – 30 JUN – Fitness Pull Ups & Abs

Join the Cyprus personal abs and pull up challenge, compete against your friends to see who can do the most, keep a record of how many reps over how many days.

Coming up soon in Limassol in June.

Running & Sprinting in Paphos 01 JULY – 31 JULY

Sprinting can help you boost your metabolism, reduce fat and give you the abs you always wanted. Sprinting requires strength and enthusiasm. Motivation comes after you see great results. Let’s get running with the Startup Ark sprinting challenge in Paphos in July.

Kayak Challenge 20 JUL

Kayaking is a great alternative activity to do during the summer months. Not only do you get a great workout for your whole body, but you also get to enjoy the ocean’s breeze and the beauty of the sea. Join us at the Kayak Challenge on the 20th of July in Limassol.

Swimming in Ayia Napa 01 AUG – 31 AUG

Swimming is a great way to cool of during the intense heat of Cypru’s summer. But swimming in Ayia napa? That’s an amazing experience that is definitely worth it. 


Hope you enjoyed this article and don’t forget to challenge yourself and be part of our fun fitness events with Startupark Games.

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