Beginner’s Step by Step Guide for Building and Marketing an App

Beginner's Step by Step Guide for Building and Marketing an App

The first time you start thinking about building an app, many ideas and questions cross your mind.

Below you can read a few basic steps to start growing your business app.


Step 1: Stick with more than one idea

It’s always best to have many ideas as options for building an app. You never know which one will succeed. Give each app 4-6 months after the launch, and if you don’t get correspondence you can move on with the next idea.


Step 2: Start with a prototype

Before you start looking for a company to share your idea make sure you look for prototyping tools on the internet and then create a screen by screen mock up or wire-frame of your app. Once you finalize your requirements the company will do the design and development for you.


Step 3: Customer wants my app

Build the basic characteristics of the app and see if the customer is ready to buy and download it. Don’t create a complete app with all the customized features. If your paying customers are interested in buying your app you will receive important feedback.

Building an App - Step by Step Guide to Starting and Marketing an App

Step 4: Pricing

It depends on you if you will offer your app for free or as paid. However, when building a business its always important to have an established strategy.


Step 5: Build your app

After building your app go to a customer to test your app and see if they have an easy time using it. Furthermore, app store optimization may also help your app get visible, but still it’s not enough to get the proper visibility.


Step 6: App marketing

This is the next step to get your app more visible. The best way to market your app is through good promotion. You might need to think about investing into advertising and PR.

Stay in social media. Pages like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other popular resources will help you to gain more traction. In addition, it’s important to get reviews from tech bloggers, subscribers etc and pay attention to the negative ones as they will help you improve anything that’s wrong with the app.

Create a website. Very much like social media, creating a website will help you get even more visibility. Apps must also appear on other sources like blogs, reviews etc.


Step 7: App improvement

Even if your business is doing well people will expect app updates and more features from you. Moreover, it’s also a good idea to pay for a server for future maintenance and improvement issues. Keep in mind that it is always best to have a partner to help you with anything regarding your business app instead of a freelancer since all these require a big amount of money and an app marketing plan.



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